Tauranga Penjerex home

Ron and Pam chose Penjerex window insulation film


Ron and Pam had Penjerex installed in their home in Tauranga by Kiwi Home Solutions to insulate their windows against heat loss in winter.  They had insulated their roof and wanted a cost effective high performance double glazing alternative to stop the heat from their fire escaping through the large windows in their home.


They measured the temperature over the nights before the installation of Penjerex film and then afterwards as well and found that their room temperature increased to around 23 oC which it had never been previously.


They were so impressed with the difference Penjerex made last winter they have asked Kiwi Home Solutions to install Penjerex in the downstairs area of their home as well before this coming winter.


Pam said “We had to turn down our heater below half power because our lounge was so warm in the winter. We’ve never done that before.”

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