New Market Penjerex home

Ron and Lesley chose Penjerex window insulation film



We have a central heating system and we don’t need to use it nearly as much. More importantly, it’s just so much more comfortable at night.


Lesley and Ron were looking for a cost effective option to insulate the large wooden frame windows of their central Auckland home.  They have stunning views over the Waitamata harbour and required a way to keep the heat inside from the central gas heating system up and downstairs.


They also wanted a more comfortable summertime temperature as the home could get hot due to the size of the windows.


After the film was installed we have really noticed a difference.


They said “What I like about the Penjerex film is it achieves many of the things that double-glazing would achieve, but without the disruption to all of our wood work. It seems to be good sense if you want to improve the heating in winter and cooling in summer. We have picked to do our home in stages and we look forward to them doing the rest of our windows.”