Docks Apartment building – Auckland CBD

The Docks apartments are operated by a body corporate organisation who was interested in learning how to improve occupant comfort without increasing energy use in the building.  Penjerex Agent, Better Windows, offered Penjerex PX8080S to reduce summertime solar gain while reducing heat loss through apartment windows in winter.


One of the main concerns the body corporate company had was reducing any impact on the exterior look of the building.  This aspect was practically imperceptable for the outside of the building due to the low reflection and high visible light transmission of the Penjerex insulation films.


A trial apartment was installed with Penjerex and temperature loggers placed in a room with and one without Penjerex to measure the impact of the Penjerex film over 1 month.


The results can be seen in the case study attached.  Results show that Penjerex application creates a narrower band of interior temperature change.


Max daytime temp difference 8.7 oC
Max nighttime temp difference  6.3 oC

Average daytime temp difference 2.28 oC
Average nighttime temp difference  1.40  oC


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