Penjerex Window film
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Penjerex window insulation film from Nitto Denko, is a new low emissivity internal window film technology which enables increased thermal insulation of single glazed panes that can be easily applied to existing windows.

Since its release in 2011, PENJEREX® has gained recognition for its high heat-insulation, transparency, and solar heat rejection.  PENJEREX® has been used in homes, government offices, schools, hospitals and office buildings. 

With PENJEREX® PX-7060S and PX8080S, Nitto aims to continue contributing to the stewardship of our environment and creating cost savings for commercial and residential building owners and tenants.

Penjerex at Home

While floor and ceiling insulation provides a very cost effective solution to heat loss, windows are a thermally weak point of residential buildings responsible for between 26% and 48% of the heat lost from a home depending on the insulation levels in the roof, wall and floor.


Surveys indicate that in 2005, 99% of Auckland homes and 87% of homes in Christchurch had single glaze windows which have the lowest thermal insulating properties available.

Penjerex applied to single pane windows improves thermal insulation to 95% of conventional double glazed windows and reduces the rate of heat loss in winter by 44%. 


With rising energy prices increasing the costs of space heating and cooling as well as a need for comfortable and healthy living environments, easy cost effective thermal window insulation is the next step to manage this need.


Penjerex can be easily applied to large size glass panes and ranch sliders making a very cost effective window insulation solution for summer and winter seasons.

Penjerex for Commercial

Commercial buildings account for 9% of New Zealand annual energy use and 21% of electricity use which equates to about $1.7 billion in costs to New Zealand businesses every year.    An average large office building in downtown Auckland spends between $300,000 and $500,000 on energy per year and could realistically make savings of 20-25% on their energy costs.


There are many advantages to energy-efficient buildings.  Running costs are lower, leading to better returns and higher occupancy. They depreciate more slowly than non-efficient buildings and are more comfortable to spend time in.  A Colliers International survey revealed that 95 per cent of tenants wanted to occupy a “green” building, up from 75 per cent in 2010.


Penjerex provides an easily applied method to reduce annual HVAC energy costs by reducing fenestration heat energy losses in winter and reducing cooling energy needs in summer months.  Thermafilm NZ can assist with computational thermal energy modelling to ensure your building  window energy assessment is based on the most accurate analysis.

EECA offers government grants to improve commercial building’s energy use.  A Commercial Project Grant from EECA may fund up to 40% of the cost of energy efficiency projects – to help get project ‘over the line’.


Eligible buildings could include offices, retail outlets, food stores (e.g. supermarkets), schools, hospitals, hotels – essentially, everything except large industrial sites and residential buildings. There is no minimum size.





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Nitto Denko

Formed in 1918, Nitto aims to be a sustainable enterprise, balancing economic efficiency and environmental and social care and was placed 14th on the Global 100 list in 2011. In response to greater energy efficiency and CO2 reduction needs, Nitto has developed a high performance window film to provide year round energy savings.

Nitto Denko Corporation has earned a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the field of adhesive tapes and technologically advanced films to the medical, aerospace and automotive industries through its innovative, proprietary technologies.

For more information about Nitto Penjerex, visit the Nitto website