Penjerex insulation film benefits for your residential of domestic building.



It cools your building in summer and dramatically reduces heat loss in winter for all year thermal comfort.  Benefits are listed below.

Reduces rate of internal heat loss by 44% in winter

Penjerex increases internal heat loss performance from buildings by 44% over standard clear glass windows.


If you’ve wanted to improve your window insulation and thought ‘double glazing is too expensive – we just cant afford it’, then Penjerex is a great alternative offering 95% the performance of conventional double glazed panes for around half the price.

Reduces Excessive Solar Heat Gain

Solar energy heat gain is free heat to keep your building warm but too much can overheat your home and commercial building leading to high air conditioning costs and stifling temperatures.


Penjerex reduces solar gain where you need it offering a balanced approach to keeping unwanted heat out.

Virtually transparent

The old style of window tint film has been replaced with new technology virtually transparent low-e window film with markedly higher performance.


Penjerex doesn’t impact daylight levels in commercial buildings retaining an open feel to your home of commercial office.  Exterior shade variation to the exterior appearance of your building is negligible which is beneficial when only a portion of windows have Penjerex applied.

Improves energy efficiency and reduces energy costs

With energy prices rising, both domestic and commercial energy users are aware of the increasing costs of space heating and cooling.


Penjerex insulating window film is an all season solution that reduces internal heat loss and reduces excessive summer heat with reduces both heating and cooling energy requirements.


Commercial building operators know the importance of incremental energy efficiency improvements with the NABERS building standards and EECA energy efficiency promotion.

Reduces damaging UV radiation

Damage to expensive interior furnishings, wall and floor coverings and artwork is impacted by UV radiation over time.


Penjerex reduces UV radiation by 99% which dramatically lowers the rate that any damage occurs keeping your valuable home and office furnishing in great condition over time.

Applied internally on almost any window

Penjerex is applied to the inside surface of window panes mitigating any need to external scaffolding for multi-level buildings or being impacted by adverse weather.


It is pre-cut offsite to fit almost any window shape minimising the time taken to complete the window film installation for residential and commercial buildings.


This reduces the cost of installation giving you a far better payback on your investment giving you best value as well as a comfortable living and work environment.

Makes older window panes safe

A large proportion of glass panes are not safety glass which leave young and old occupants at risk of injury from shattering glass in an accident.


Penjerex adds a safety barrier which holds any shards of glass together and protects against potential injury.   It also reduces the risk of an intruder being able to easily break a window for access.

For a demonstration at your premises, get in touch and we’ll refer one of our agents to you.