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High Performance Window Insulation Film

95% as effective as conventional double glaze panes

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Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Costs

95% as effective as conventional double glazing

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Virtually Transparent Window Insulation

That wont impact the look of your character home

or commercial buildings

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Reduce HVAC Heating and Cooling Energy

by up to 30%

We create comfortable, healthy, energy efficient living and work spaces.

Penjerex Window Insulation Film

We provide new technology Penjerex window insulation film for residential and commercial building application to dramatically lower heating and cooling energy use and increase occupant thermal comfort at lower cost than other options.


Our agents throughout New Zealand provide sales and installation services to provide Penjerex window insulation film products

Residential buildings

Penjerex window insulation film provides 95% the performance of conventional retrofit double glazing for around half the price

Commercial buildings

Penjerex reduces HVAC costs while dramatically improving occupant comfort with virtually no impact to internal daylighting levels

High performance Double Glazing alternative

Penjerex is up to 95% as effective as retrofit double glazing, easier to install and doesn't impact your existing windows. Its also around half the cost.

Summer and Winter thermal comfort

Penjerex makes your home or commercial building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Buildings with Penjerex have a comfortable year round temperature and reduced energy costs.

All year energy savings

Penjerex saves you heating and cooling costs. Save money and be comfortable all year round.

Penjerex Benefits

Reduce Internal Heat Loss

Low emissivity film reduces internal heat loss by 44% on clear glass windows. This is 95% as effective as conventional double glaze panes.

Reduce Excessive Solar Heat Gain

Penjerex can reduce excessive solar energy by up to 26% which provides a good balance for New Zealand climate conditions.

Highly Transparent

Virtually transparent to maintain the maintain the look of your character building and allow all daylight to reach the inside of your building.

Blocks 99% of UV radiation

Reduces damage to furnishings, floor and wall coverings and art works protecting your valuable assets.

Increased Safety

Provides a shatter proof barrier to reduce possible injury in the event of a window breakage.


Standard 10 year product replacement warranty provides confidence of longevity and quality.

Interested in Heat Saving and Reduced energy costs?
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Penjerex installations

Our Agents provide sales and installation services throughout New Zealand and strive to achieve the best outcomes for our residential and commercial customers.


Our customers range from large listed property management funds to local home owners who all want to have comfortable living and work environments while reducing heating and cooling energy costs.

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Our Easy Installation Process

  • Demonstration Visit

    Our Agents visit your home or commercial building, discuss your exact window insulation needs and demonstrate how Penjerex can work for you.

  • Measure and Quote

    We'll measure your chosen windows and provide a quotation for Penjerex insulation film installation.

  • Schedule Install

    After you accept your quote, our agents will schedule an installation time that suits you. Average home installations usually take less than a day.

  • Cut and Install

    Our Agents pre-cut Penjerex in their workshops to efficiently install on your windows.

  • Final Inspection

    Our Agents visit after your installation has been completed to ensure you are happy with the work done and will provide you with a warranty form.

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Our Customer Comments

Our customers love how Penjerex window insulation film transforms their home

Penjerex insulation film has given our home an even temperature throughout

Our Penjerex window insulation film provided by 'Better Windows' has made our home a comfortable temperature throughout.  In the past we had spots Continue Reading

Ron Goodey New Market Auckland February 13, 2016

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